Jimmy John Liautaud Has A Boss And Loves It

Even if you have all the success in the world, it can be helpful to listen to other points of view. One person who knows this well is well known sandwich expert Jimmy John Liataud.

This is one person who has found it helpful to look to others to help them manage the many things he has to do in his life. What began as a shop serving a few college student in one part of Illinois has become an incredible group of sandwich shops all over the country.

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He is someone who has made this come to life. Each day, people all over the United States choose to eat in one of his shops. Making sure they have all they want is his aim and the aim of the people who act as his boss of a sort.

Knowing What He Wants

Liatuad is that rare person who largely knows what he wants. What he wants is a sandwich that people can enjoy. It’s this idea that brings him time and again to the test kitchens of Jimmy John’s. Here, he gets to enjoy his role as the person in charge of food and culture for a nationwide chain with thousands of outlets.

He gives his opinions about the kind of food that is served to clients in his name. At the same time, he also knows that he needs to answer to those who have taken over the business end. These are the people at Roark Capital and they are his bosses in a sense.

Part of the Company

He still holds a portion of the company even as it is no longer all his own. Officials at Roark Capital have the right to listen to him or to decide to move forward without him.

This is a process he enjoys in a sense as it allows him the flexibility he wants to enjoy his life while still taking part in the chain that made him one of the country’s richest men. He likes being able to have a group of people who will hold him accountable but let him speak directly to many of his clients.

Wearing His Heart

For this man, it’s always been about wearing his heart where people can see it. He still thinks about this process today but he’s also learned to let go just a little bit and work with others.

Along the way, he’s someone who has made an impression in a good way on millions of people. He continues to speak out as necessary and let others know he’s still part of the firm in a useful way that he knows represents their interests.

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He’s able to capture the experience that so many people have come to expect when it comes to entering a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop. He’s there to ensure they’ll always have a product they like and menu they can appreciate. He’s the voice of the people in his business today.

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