Matt Fleeger Navigates Gulf Coast Western: Review Of The Family Business

Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger has spent many years focused on positive thinking and ways to build success. To navigate your successful path, Matt Fleeger explains to” visualize a positive outcome first, then create a path to obtaining it”. Matt Fleeger attended school at Southern Methodist University. Through a few years, Matt Fleeger successfully graduated with a degree in finance and marketing. Matt Fleeger has had a bright future for success, having a father in the industrial industry. His father was the president of Gulf Coast Western for many years before Matt Fleeger took the captain’s seat. He took on many entry positions during the start of his career path. Eventually, Matt Fleeger attained several years of experience in executive positions, moving from job to job.

He gained a Chief Executive position working at Medsolutions, which he founded in 1993. Matt Fleeger and his team were responsible for the management, treatment, and disposal of medical biohazardous waste for hospitals and other medical facilities in the United States. Matt Fleeger managed Medsolutions successfully for 14 years with the title of Chief Executive Officer, until he sold the medical disposal company to Stericycle in 2007. Through many meetings of negotiation with Stericycle representatives, Matt Fleeger settled and sold his company for $59 million.

Gulf Coast Western

With years of experience, leadership skills, clever negotiation skills, and CEO experience, Matt Fleeger was a prize candidate for president of Gulf Coast Western. These days, Matt Fleeger starts his day, by first taking some personal time by dropping off his children to school every morning. His personal time with his children is some time of his life that he cherishes. His children are the motivating factor to succeed in his work life. As he starts his workday, Matt Fleeger spends an hour to prioritize the critical issues to address first, then he moves on to the rest.

Matt Fleeger’s strategy for expanding his business working for Gulf Coast Western is a simple strategy. He believes that honesty, integrity, and creativity has helped him at his family’s oil and gas company. Matt Fleeger is very excited about the innovations that have been developed in recent years. He remembers that 5 years ago, the technology didn’t provide many opportunities than it does today. The technological advancements of today have provided Matt Fleeger the tools he and his team need to navigate his oil and gas company to success.

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