Melbourne’s Start-Up Consultant, Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne based start-up consultant who for over 20 years has had successful partnerships with start up companies in building business plans. He has offered insights to CEOs of these start-ups and has been instrumental on managing their growth and scale-up in the tightly competitive business world.

Luke Lazarus attended the Melbourne Business School and acquired an MBA, aged 24 years. He started selling for successful firms before he was 33 years. Luke Lazarus defines his strength as having the ability to get a business started or to bring it back on track, enabling business leaders to define what their plans and projections are.

During an interview, Luke Lazarus said that his typical day starts with a 10-15 minutes meditation then a set of multitasking activities which involve making coffee, walking his dog, checking emails and making a mental to-do-list.

He does a morning work-out in the gym, and has made in a 7-day weekly routine. He says this organized discipline has translated to how he works. The project he starts in different companies require him to make most of the short time and therefore being organized and setting a clear agenda is crucial to achieving set goals.

Luke Lazarus believes that tying a product to a story is the secret to its success. People will always resonate with a product when they can connect to a story. Making products feel a certain way always gives consumers an impression of why they need or want the product. Luke Lazarus says that his best business ideas have arose from his personal problems.

The one exciting trend according to Luke Lazarus is one where consumers want to have a connection to products and places before they spend. Consumers expect organisations to speak to their own emotions and values, therefore requiring brands to create connections and experiences through business plans and marketing initiatives. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus –

The habit that has set Luke Lazarus to be more productive is that he records everything. Through voice memos, leaving notes to himself, taking a note photo, jotting down some notes or even saving a note to his phone. This habit has enabled him to have a clear head on what is on his to-do-list.

A note to his younger self though would however, have left him a message to slow down and let go of the worry. He says that he was always eager to make big moves, which also led him to having an MBA at the age of 24. He says if he had known then he would have relaxed and enjoyed life more, as his success was guaranteed. And just like everybody else, he believes that luck and network are very critical indicators, just as perseverance and passion are.

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