How ClassDojo is Revolutionizing the Classroom

Educational technology had a good year last year. According to a recent article in, edtech investments were projected to reach a remarkable $1.4 billion last year.

While there are many edtech startups that have been gaining buzz, one in particular has pulled ahead of the pack. ClassDojo, which was founded in August 2011, has been praised for its consistency, amazing security features, and desire to inspire positive change in classrooms.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that connects teachers, parents, and students, allowing them to share the best ideas that will make a difference in the classroom. Teachers can share inspiring moments with parents, whether it’s a student experiencing a breakthrough moment with math, or a student helping out a friend. It is also easy for teachers to create and post assignments. Students can create a digital portfolio of their work, and parents are able to post comments. Students love learning when they have this kind of positive feedback.

A new feature in ClassDojo is the ClassDojo toolkit, which helps create a positive classroom culture. Teachers can choose music stations for students to listen to while they work, or the “think pair share” feature, which encourages classroom discussion.

With ClassDojo, parents and teachers can privately message without having to share phone numbers or private details. It’s also easy for teachers and school administrators to connect and brainstorm ideas for the school community.

In 2015, ClassDojo closed a round of Series B funding, with $21 million. Parent-teacher meetings have been a mainstay of school culture for decades, but with the ClassDojo communication platform, parents stay engaged with their students’ learning throughout the year, rather than once per semester.

A remarkable 2 in 3 K-8 schools in the US use ClassDojo. It’s led change from the ground up, helping students feel excited about learning and building stronger schools.

Jed McCaleb Works on the Cutting Edge

Jed McCaleb is not only a businessman and outstanding entrepreneur. He is also an individual who cares about the welfare of others. This is very rare in the world of finance as things tend to be a little cut throat and competitive. Through making changes globally, he has found a way to not only help himself but others as well. He does this through his organization

But, he’s also a leader in other enterprises as well. Saying that he works hard for his personal and professional progress is an understatement. The details of how he provides his service and product to those in need deserve a closer look. The first thing to know about Jed McCaleb is that he feel strongly about using technology to even the playing field and improve the human condition for everyone.

He is the creator of eDonkey which acts like a file sharing Network. He’s also the creator of Mt Gox, which functions as a Bitcoin exchange. Another organization under his belt is Ripple. It’s all about recognizing the fact that financial structures across the globe do not serve everyone’s interest and actually doing something about it, instead of just waiting for the government to come up with a solution.

The goal behind all of these successes is to raise the level of financial literacy in communities by using open-source software. And when he’s not doing that, McCaleb dabbles just a little bit in the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence. Naturally for anyone who does so much, the big question is just how does he get it done and what does a typical work day look like for one Jed McCaleb.

The simple answer is that he keeps his teams small and easy to manage. This way, projects are completed more efficiently. He also understands his work modes as being focused and reactive. When he’s in focused mode, he grinds away at tasks such as coding and building. When in reactive mode, Jed uses that time to solve problems and make connections necessary to keep a business balanced. He finds that this give and take is the best way to keep himself most productive as an entrepreneur.

Joel Friant’s The Original Habanero Shaker Spices Up The Cuisine Business

Joel Friant is a free thinking entrepreneur who has not only created success for himself, but also revels in encouraging and helping others to succeed. His formula for success is pragmatic yet powerful. It is Mr. Friant’s sincere feeling that one’s true education is real life experiences after the completion of formal education. Mr. Friant is also a firm believer in the power of personal associations. He has formed powerful networks with successful investors and uses these associations to learn and develop new business strategies.

Mr. Friant’s business experience has been wide ranging. He began his career in the real estate market, where he bought foreclosure properties, renovated them, and then sold them for a profit. By 2003 Mr. Friant was using the knowledge he had gained about the real estate industry to help others to become homeowners.

From the outset of his experience in real estate, Mr. Friant developed a strong interest in the restaurant arena. He developed a unique concept for delivering high quality Thai food in a fast food environment. He quickly noticed that there were no real quality habanero spices on the market. Rather, those on the market were mixed with other cheap spices and salt.

Taking advantage of this gap in the market, Joel Friant developed and marketed the Original Habanero Shaker. This buttery and spicy condiment quickly became a huge market success. Joel found that the best way to deliver the mouth watering habanero spice is by way of a dry spice shaker which allows the chef or food preparer to adjust the amount of habanero for the proper spiciness desired.

In his zealous effort to provide a best-of-the-best product to the market, Joel did extensive research and uncovered some key facts about the habanero pepper. Habanero contains the chemical capsaicin which triggers the brain to release endorphins which bring on a pleasant euphoric feeling. Habanero is also rich in vitamins A and B which help to enhance the immune system.

In 2012, Joel went online with the brand name “The Original Habenro Shaker” which can now be found via online services like Amazon.

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AvaTrade Review: Safety and Reliability Comes First In Online Trading

There are a lot of ways that AvaTrade succeeds as a positive and reliable service. They have continued to provide high quality user experiences over the years and have core missions and values that are dedicated to continuing this kind of development. AvaTrade also provides a lot of resources that make it easy to succeed with online trading and learning the basics.

They understand the influential practices that can improve Forex trading online. Established in 2006, this Irish Forex trading platform has a commitment to excellence in multiple areas of infrastructure and design. They have crafted valuable standards of operation in addition to variegated user features and options. The careful design and continual improvements suggest that they are innovators.

The benefit of this platform is that they leverage existing information and knowledge in order to help users have better autonomy over funds. They create systematic information updates and provide content that can be used for tutorials. Nevertheless, they are non-invasive and maintain the highest standards of operation when it comes to helping consumers.

Overall, the lasting benefits of AvaTrade review include their customer support, services, as well as account management features. Users can use online mediums to visit their account and securely manage transactions. The flexibility of these options combined with high quality user design show that AvaTrade is secure and reliable on multiple levels.

AvaTrade also contributes significantly to the way that projects can be accessed and updated on a regular basis. For example, they have offices in more than one hundred and sixty countries, which service more than two million transactions per month. The scope of their practice, as well as the multi-language support, help users to confidently invest and manage their funds as needed.

Overall, AvaTrade is a safe and effective platform when it comes to managing funds online. They have created steadfast results for their users all around the world and continue to improve infrastructure so that there are benefits at all levels. No matter the trading level, AvaTrade is a reliable and safe system that make it easy to continue the way that users interact with infrastructure.

Better Financial Solutions: The Oxford Club

Having the ability to live a comfortable life is something that most logical people try to achieve. Unfortunately, life is full of ups and downs. Investing is one of the best routes to financial freedom. Of course, every investment isn’t going to yield huge returns, but the risks are definitely worth taking. Are you looking for a better route to the future? Have you ever heard of the Oxford Club? This investment firm provides high-quality investments that can produce long-lasting wealth. This company covers a broad range of investment services such as stocks, precious metals, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, commodities and others.

In actuality, the Oxford Club is a private international network of investors and entrepreneurs. It has been around for nearly 30 years, and it has offered supreme financial services for those who are seeking a more stable future. Growing and protecting wealth is what the Oxford Club personifies. It has a resume of success as well as a long list of satisfied clients. Beating market trends is the goal and the Oxford Club uses some of the best time-tested solutions. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, but its members can participate/invest through its online financial platform. Services are being offered in over 100 countries around the globe and it has up to 80,000 members in totality. This company is always on the lookout for new investment ventures. The staff members are highly educated, which allows them to identify the best opportunities with the biggest possible returns.

It would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive financial firm as this. A large percentage of its success comes from understanding the market. The company implements comprehensive strategies as well as sound principles. In the end, the Oxford Club has laid a blueprint to success, and it will continue to build in the years to come.

Why Siteline Cabinetry Is Worth The Purchase

It is no secret that an authorized dealer wants to resell beautiful, durable cabinets to their clients. This is why many dealers are ordering custom cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry. Cabinets from this company can be found in many kitchens, bathrooms and storage rooms.

Siteline Cabinetry was established in 2015 by Pat Corsi, and it is a part of the well-known Corsi Group. The staff is made up of skilled workers and customer representatives who are experienced in their trade. Pat Corsi hires the right people for the job to ensure dealers get the best cabinets for their money.

Siteline does not own or rent any warehouses, but the manufacturing plant is located in Keysville. A computerized system makes it easy for dealers to place their order. The staff uses high-quality equipment such as the Holzma panel saw and QuickWood sander to construct the cabinets. They can build and deliver the cabinets in 28 to 35 days.

Cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry are worth the purchase because dealers can have them customized to fit their needs. The styles range from traditional to modern, and they can be customized with different materials, finishes and storage options. The materials include alder, cherry and thermofoil, and the finishes include a variety of paints, glazes and stains. Dealers can request drawers designed for specific items, such as utensils, toiletries or office supplies. One dealer who orders from Siteline Cabinetry is Franklin, and their cabinets are made of maple wood with five drawers.

There are many dealers who do business with Siteline Cabinetry. Luxcraft Cabinets orders products for kitchen and bath projects. Royal Kitchens and Baths resells customized cabinets, finishes residential basements and remodels kitchens and bathrooms. Forte Design Studios has been working with Siteline since 2016.

Siteline offers a limited lifetime guarantee in which they repair or replace defective pieces. The warranty benefits the original owner of the piece, and the authorized dealer handles most claims. Siteline will take care of the claim if the dealer stops selling the piece or goes out of business.

The quality materials and attractive finishes make cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry worth the purchase.

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Financial Advisor and LaunchPad Holdings Executive Glen Wakeman

Before co-founding and becoming the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings in 2015, Glen Wakeman spent over 20 years working in a management position at GE. He received his training in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, where he earned a BS degree, and from the University of Chicago, where he earned an MBA degree. His inspiration for starting LaunchPad Holdings was the fact that so many startup businesses have such a high failure rate and he wanted to try to help entrepreneurs solve this problem see also Through his business, he advises and teaches beginners in the corporate world using a software service that will help them turn their ideas into a working plan.

Using what he calls a LaunchPad Toolkit, Glen Wakeman provides those who are trying to form a new company with relevant tips and connections that will lead them to gaining the capital they would need in order to get and keep their businesses up and running. Having been responsible for leading business operations in 30 regions all over the world, he has the kind of knowledge that young entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from. The LaunchPad Holdings program teaches about a 5-step performance methodology that aspiring business owners can use to make sure that they staying on track with how they handle their operations. His focus is on preparing them to become the type of future business leaders that won’t have to struggle so hard to keep their new ventures from failing.

Due to his expertise in regional management and business development, as well as in technology, Glen Wakeman has been called on to work in several countries, and he has lived in at least 6 of those countries, some of which were Asia, Europe and South America. His strategic planning skills has made him a very effective leader in the world of business, and his desire to pass his professional knowledge and mentoring on to those who want to start their own endeavors proves that he wants other entrepreneurs to be just as successful as he has been when it comes to advancing in the business industry.

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Susan McGalla Is a Leader among Businesswomen

Statistics prove that when a business is gender diverse, it is about 15 percent more likely to do better than other companies. And when a company has ethnic diversity, it is likely to do about 35 percent better than company that are not as diverse. It seems like the reason why this is true is because diverse companies are open to new ideas. Despite these statistics, women only hold a few C-level positions in S&P 500 companies.

Meet Susan McGalla

If you want to hear a success story, you have to hear about Susan McGalla. She has been a true pioneer when it comes to leading the way for women to become leaders. She says that much of her leadership is due to the fact that she grew up with two boys and her father was a football coach. She never got any breaks simply because she was a girl.

She is an executive consultant. McGalla is the former chief executive for the company Wet Seal and the former president for the company American Eagle Outfitters. She is on board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and is a director of other organizations.

While Susan McGalla’s story is definitely encouraging, not every woman has found such great opportunities. Many women’s networks and initiatives are trying to make a change, but it seems that the problem is that women just do not have the support of other women in leadership roles.

Executive Sponsorship

Executive sponsorship opportunities may be the perfect solution. They work to recommend women to lead roles in businesses and to work on important assignments. This idea starts with a sponsor who would advocate for a woman. Executive sponsors would receive an incentive that would motivate them to invest in working with women leaders. Mentorship is a large part of making this idea work.


The Trabuco, Or The Trebuchet; A Weapon By Any Other Name Would be Just As Devastating

Designed from inspirations drawn from the Catapult, the Trabuco was a noted, and exceptional siege weapon in the Middle Ages. There is some debate about how the prominent balance based antique artillery came about, however.

In 400 B.C. one of the first forms of the Trabuco was used in China to assist in pinning down Mongol invaders in an overthrown Chinese city. It is believed however that two Persian designers were brought in to assist in the construction of two further Trabucos. According to, writings from the Middle East before this time indicated that the technology and knowhow may have already existed in the area before the Trabuco’s use in China however, and may explain why the Persian engineers were brought in to assist in further development. Furthermore, the Chinese word for the Trabuco translates directly to the word used for Muslim.

However the Trabuco first came about, it had made its way to Europe where it adopted the moniker of the Trebuchet by 600 B.C. according to Variations were made on the weapon at this time, resulting in two different classes of the Trebuchet; the traction Trebuchet, which used man power to swing the weapon’s balancing arm, and the Counterweight Trebuchet, which employed a counterweight to activate the weapon’s balancing mechanism. The Counterweight Trabuco saw major use in the Crusades on both sides, and eventually made its way back to China through further Mongol conquests. The first record of the Counterweight Trabuco seeing use in combat was during the conquests of Saladin in the 12th century on

Throughout its time used in warfare, the Trabuco saw various use in a range of projectiles. Often times the weapon was used to launch boulders to collapse fortress walls, or to smash invading armies, however, during the crusades the Trebuchet saw use as a germ warfare device, as both sides launched the corpses of those infected with the plague into enemy camps in hopes of initiating an outbreak. The Spanish and Brazilians, from whence the weapon’s Trabuco namesake derives from, loaded the sling with various projectiles so that the Trabuco functioned akin to an early shotgun design.

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David Giertz Knows How to Teach His Clients

David Giertz, an expert in financial products at Nationwide Financial, recently spoke about the ins and outs of social security and how one can maximize their retirement income. Knowing when to draw social security is a common concern that plagues the retirees that Giertz works with, and he encourages other financial professionals to discuss their customers’ options with them. As an expert in the field of consumer financial products, David makes certain to inform his customers of changes that will affect their retirement income. It is this commitment to his customers that makes his success as a broker unparalleled.

Mr. Giertz is a FINRA-certified broker and has been with Nationwide Financial for over 10 years, where he is currently the Senior Vice President of their sales and distribution division. In addition, David also heads up numerous other divisions inside of Nationwide. He has held many other positions at Nationwide during his tenure at the company and is considered to be an expert in consumer financial products. David has over 30 years of experience in the financial marketplace. After spending over a decade at various stops as a broker, he was hired by Citigroup, where he worked for nearly a decade before moving to Nationwide.

David Giertz has seen the financial products marketplace change drastically over the past 31 years, and understands the importance of adapting to those changes. He believes that passing that knowledge to his customers will result in continued relationships with his clients. As a WABC-certified business coach, Giertz has helped over 100 other coaches achieve certification as business coach. He has a bachelor’s degree from Millikin University and received his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Miami. He is active in his community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Girls Scouts of Broward County as well as the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale.