Dick Devos is proud of the West Michigan Aviation Academy

Dick DeVos is one of Michigan’s most famous businessmen. He had a great impact as the head of Amway, and he oversaw the Amway’s transition into Alticor. People throughout Michigan love Dick’s keen business insight and his willingness to work hard to get things done the right way. Dick DeVos retired in 2002, but he has found plenty of activities to keep himself busy.

DeVos is proud to work with several charities. He regularly funds arts projects throughout the United States, and he also offers several amazing scholarships for great students. DeVos loves giving back to the state and country that have made him so wealthy.

In recent years, DeVos has had time to devote to several exciting hobbies. He’s participated in numerous yacht races, but his biggest joy is flying. Flying offers a rush like no other. He sees flying as a great way to experience life, but he knows that too many people do not have the means to fly. Dick DeVos wanted to offer educational opportunities to those that wanted to fly, so he launched the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a charter school like no other. The school offers around 500 students a grand opportunity to get hands-on aviation education. This school offers an amazing curriculum that is truly changing lives. Students learn all the regular subjects, but they also can learn to be pilots while still in high school. Many students are enrolled in the flight science track. For four years, students get hands-on experience with flight. If they complete the program, then they will receive their Private Pilot Certification. The Academy owns a Cessna 172 to educate their students. Other students at the academy chose to focus on engineering, so they can work on airplanes in the future. The academy is getting amazing results, and they hope to continue serving the people of Michigan.

Dick DeVos is extremely proud of his time at Amway, where he was a major business leader, but establishing the West Michigan Aviation Academy is his greatest accomplishment. He is extremely proud of everything his students have accomplished.

Sanjay Shah Helps Everyone Learn About Starting A Business

Sanjay Shah is one of the best resources in the world for anyone who wants to start their own business. He started his own business by himself when he changed jobs, and he started Solo Capital as a single investment that has spawned many more. He now owns companies all over Europe, the islands and the middle east, and he wants other business owners to know that they can have the same success.

The success that Sanjay Shah has had should be brought right down to the cash flow he was able to produce. He always advises people to have more cash than they think they need, and he wants everyone to keep up with their cash flow to make sure they will have money when they really need it.

Sanjay Shah started Autism Rocks to make sure he was raising money for kids with autism, and he organizes concert events that help raise that money. He uses his cash flow to make every event great, and he makes sure that everyone has a good time. He is completely focused on customer service, and the focus on customer service makes his company much more successful than it would have been otherwise.

Sanjay Shah also believes in branching out. He owns businesses in many parts of the world, and he continues to grow those businesses using the cash he has made. He makes new investments often to make sure his companies are performing better, and he continues to reinvest in business so that he could make more moves in the future. He owns large investment companies that he has saved from ruin, and he owns businesses around the world that were happy to fall under his umbrella. The success of Sanjay Shah is all based on his ability to keep cash flowing while developing every company. He does so even in the nonprofit world where kids with autism benefit.


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White Shark Media Has a Solid Free AdWords Evaluation Offer

“Where is your AdWords campaign going? Why aren’t solid results being delivered?” These questions have to be asked in a serious manner. The answers have to be equally serious.

Any small business owner who is investing money in an AdWords campaign absolutely wants to see conversions. If no conversions (sales) are being delivered, something is wrong. Finding out why the campaign isn’t working is the first step in arriving at a money-making solution.

White Shark Media could have a pathway to that all-desirable solution. During a completely free evaluation, a specialist from White Shark Media will explain all the good and bad points about a current campaign.

Advice on a possible new direction can then be provided. Those who choose to make a change have the option of hiring White Shark Media to handle all PPC and AdWords campaign management duties.

The company is definitely able to maximize success on an AdWords campaign. Just look at the company’s reviews and testimonials. A lot of solid buzz is generated from former and current clients of the firm.

The free evaluation also includes a detailed presentation of what steps are commonly employed once campaign management tasks commence. The evaluation is very easy to follow since the event takes place via the online meeting service Join.Me. Read more: http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/internet-marketing-services/white-shark-media-in-atlanta-ga-27374275/complaints and http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

There is no cost to engage in the meeting and the audio/video is exceptional.

Another question is likely to be raised here: “What if I do not already have an AdWords campaign up and running?”

White Shark Media not only provides evaluations to existing users of Google or Bing AdWords, but also to those who have never gone the PPC marketing route before. The evaluation session is going to include a detailed presentation of what a proper AdWords campaign is likely to deliver.

No one has to fear anything about making any commitments. The free evaluation is intended for informational purposes and the chance at a Q&A. Potential clients will also see White Shark Media is very much in tune with delivering what customers want.

In a recent blog entry about customer complaints, the company showed it does work hard to meet all client requests.

During the free evaluation, those thinking about signing up for service can gain first-hand experience with how the firm interacts with the public. The experience is sure to be positive.