Paul Mampilly Is An Investment Specialist Who Has Chosen To Help The Regular Investor Over The Wall Street Elite

Paul Mampilly is a United States-based investor who left Wall Street a few years back in order to become an ally to the average investor. He had been making huge sums of money for the wealthy for many years and became disenamored by the sector. His wealth management abilities have earned him positions in more than one remarkable company, but he now wants to use his talents to help people just like you.

Paul Mampilly believes that one of the biggest changes that has taken place in the stock market over the years is the way that computers are being used. In the past, most large investment companies used real people to manage their funds. Today, many of them use trading algorithms and artificial intelligence to do so. He feels that this puts the regular investor at a disadvantage as these programs use information against them.

Paul Mampilly has also been around long enough to see ETFs become the next big thing. In an interview he recently took part of, he talked about how mutual funds were the big thing a couple of decades ago. ETFs have now taken their place, and their low fees have drawn in many an investor. These make it very difficult for DIY investors, who have relied on following professional managers to discover their trading habits. ETFs make it more difficult for investors to pick a single stock that may do well.

Paul Mampilly has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing Company since 2016 and now has more than 100,000 people who subscribe to his newsletter. On top of his newsletter, named Profits Unlimited, he also manages a couple of trading services, which are appropriately named True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Mampilly has also been featured on many different media outlets and television programs and continues to inform the public about how to become better traders and investors. He has worked at trading desk for more than one company and has also served as a stock analyst. He now feels very fulfilled by being able to help out the kinds of people who appreciate it the most.

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