Prevagen: A Brain-Enhancing Nutritional Supplement

In modern society today, our day to day lives are filled with activities that stress us out so much we tend to tune out and go into auto-pilot.

Stress isn’t good for your health or your brain, to say the least, and so we are forced to find ways to manage stress while also boosting brain power during times when concentrating on a task is needed the most.

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A biotech company called Quincy Bioscience specializes in discovering and developing products that deal with aging. Specifically, they offer products that focus on cognitive health and memory. Founded in 2004, Quincy Bioscience has developed and produced Prevagen, a brain-enhancing nutritional supplement.

In a recent article dated October 22nd of 2019, we take a closer look at the dietary supplement. The article begins by stating that exercise and eating healthy are important in aging well, and this includes the brain. It then introduces Prevagen.

The article then reveals results conducted from a clinical study of the supplement. It says that the study was conducted over a “90-day period” with a “subgroup of adults with mild-age related cognitive impairment.”

This group was given Prevagen once a day during the 90-day period. The results reveal that improvements were made to “measurements related to memory.” This included improvements in “memory” and it also “supported healthy brain function …”

As briefly mentioned, “physical exercise and good nutrition” make beneficial contributions towards aging well. In line with this, Prevagen gives readers sound advice. They state that if you are lacking energy, “instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, try walking the stairs for 10 minutes.” They state that research shows evidence that “little spurts of exercise can do more for your energy levels than caffeine.” They continue and go into detail regarding the hippocampus in the brain.

Further in the article, it states that you can reduce stress by boosting brainpower. “Practicing yoga” is suggested and is said to aid in boosting brainpower. By doing so, it will bring your body (and your brain) a calming effect.” In addition to yoga and meditation, the article also provides a supplement list of “activities to exercise your body and brain.”

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The list includes learning a second language, playing a musical instrument, playing board games or other games like puzzles, gardening, and taking walks after dinner with a friend or loved one to just mention a few.

The article also mentions that socializing while exercising can also “improve your mood.” The article concludes in emphasizing that physical exercise is vital and to make it a “priority” for the “sake of your brain and overall health.”

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