Rebel Wilson is Confident With Who She Is

Rebel Wilson just celebrated her 39th birthday, and she celebrated with a little catzercise. She dinned fuzzy kitty ears and armbands as she had fun with her friends and she even baked a cake. Her pics on Instagram picked some interest and is a reminder that she will be starring in her upcoming movie, Cats.

Rebel Wilson is always the star of her own show no matter where she is, it seems. She is bubbly, charismatic, sexy, and her personality is infectious. She is very successful and is living the celebrity lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that she is obnoxious.

Rebel Wilson is still sweet as ever, and she has also retained her integrity. She doesn’t let the many pressures of Hollywood get to her, and she refuses to do anything that is against what she believes in or stands for such as get naked in front of the cameras. She is a strong woman, and she is a wonderful example of what a strong woman should look like and what one would do.

Rebel Wilson even has her own trendy clothing line for plus-sized women. She was not sure if designing clothes would be her things but turns out that she is pretty good at it and plus-sized women everywhere have her to thank for their stylish duds.

Rebel Wilson has settled into her new lifestyle of fame and popularity, but she hasn’t let it change her. She is still the same girl that everyone has always known, and her own success is inspiring to others who want to find their own success.

Rather than change her figure like so many people do tend to do to fit in with Hollywood’s mold of what people should look like, she has decided to embrace it and to even use it to her advantage. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She has found something that works for her, and she is proud of who she is which is why she doesn’t feel as if she needs to change in any way. Rebel Wilson isn’t insecure, and she loves who she is and just the way she is.

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