Sahm Adrangi is Reliable in His Field of Work

With his vast experience and expertise in investment banking, Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital management. The company specializes in unique situations that get motivated by specific events and investments that result in a long-lasting value. The kind of research that the company conducts regarding the stock market is reliable especially in matters related to shorts, and this makes it reliable and preferred by clients. Some of the significant fields where these researches are conducted include biotechnology, telecommunication, and mining.

Through his various analyses, Sahm Adrangi has uncovered companies operating fraudulently and soliciting money from individuals and businesses a revelation that made him famous. Most of the companies that got affected by his findings which he publicized hailed from China, and he saved people a lot of losses as the offered deals seemed genuine.

Sahm Adrangi does not only concentrate on investment banking as he as well takes time to speak in conferences where he shares his skills and experience with people. Some of the conferences where he has been invited as a guest speaker include the Activist Investor Conference, the Distresses Debt Investing Conference and the Sohn Conference. In that case, he is dedicated to helping people take care of their money especially when it comes to investing because some deals only look good from the outside while from the inside, it is a disaster. For that reason, Sahm Adrangi is keen to conduct assessments of individual companies which he feels are overvalued in the eyes of the public but are suffering in the real sense. A good example is the St. Joe Company which had been valued 40% more its real value.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of the Yale University where he attained a bachelor of arts in economics a course that has helped him steer his career wheel in the right direction. On his part, he is keen to note when companies are struggling and advises on which one to invest in and which to do away with altogether. The fact that his advice is based on evidence means that investors trust his judgment and whatever path he picks, it is bound to work effectively hence his preference for an advisor and consultant.

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