Serge Belamant, the founder of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is a French citizen who is famously known as the founder of blockchain technology. Serge was born in Tulle, France but moved to South Africa when his 14 so that his father could pursue tiling. Belamant studied computer science and technology at the Johannesburg Witwatersrand University. Serge has worked with a variety of companies at different executive years throughout his career. He is an expert in coding and has experience in handling computers. His expertise and experience have enabled him to become successful and contribute to the development of various companies. Serge has created several technological types of equipment that have contributed a lot to the expansion of the finance industry. Serge’s technology is used across the globe. Serge Belamant founded his first company in 1989. The company, Net1 UEPS Technologies focuses on the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). Serge developed this technology by himself. Later on, in 1995 he was VISA contacted him to help in the development of the offline chip card. The card is currently used worldwide as the credit and debit card. Read his full interview at .Serge Belamant also worked with Net1 to create a payment system that would be used all over South Africa. The digital payment system was a success and is currently employed by several countries. Serge is recently working with Zilch Technologies. The firm is based in the United Kingdom. Serge came up with the idea of Zilch with the help of his son Philip. Serge and his son were discussing how they could help individuals stay informed on their finances. Through Zilch, individuals can make wise financial decisions and get a better understanding of finances. Serge Belamant creates economic opportunities for himself by developing useful products. He does this by looking for an area that requires advancements then working on it and creating a product that will best suit the essential purpose. Serge believes that as an entrepreneur one should have the desire to create something fundamental, something that people have not yet realized how useful it can be but once it launches, it will be maximumly used. Serge also believes in a continuous learning environment.

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