Sergey Petrossov Explains How He Came Up With The Business Idea Of Modernizing Private Aviation

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur that was born in Moscow, Russia. He founded JetSmarter which is a company that uses cutting-edge technology in the private aviation industry. People can use his app to book flights on private jets between many different cities. His company has several high-profile investors including the music industry mogul Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family.

When he made his first private flight in 2009 he had little idea he would ever do so again, let alone design an app to provide other people a way to do so. He didn’t know it was going to become a business, he said. He had just graduated from the University of Florida and a person that owned a private jet firm had offered to let him go on one of its flights.

What he discovered to his surprise was that the private aviation industry was stuck in the past. Sergey Petrossov says that you had to use a phone to book a flight and then fill out paperwork. In the age of smartphone apps, this just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to him.

He thought he saw a business opportunity and so started to closely follow private aviation, including attending private trade shows and conferences. He made connections in the industry and did some advising to companies in the industry.

It was during this process that Sergey Petrossov saw how heavily underutilized planes were. They could seat 20 to 30 people and yet just one or two seats would be filled. It was to better utilize planes and give people a much easier and quicker way to book flights that he founded JetSmarter. His company is now filling private planes around the world including on its most popular route between New York and Miami.

JetSmarter is not just part of the private aviation industry but also part of the sharing economy. People now have a way to share private flights which makes them more economical for everyone. He sees a future where private flights will be cost-competitive with commercial flights when it comes to business and first-class travelers.


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