Sergey Petrossov: Inspiration for Jet App

The Founder and CEO of the company JetSmarter is Sergey Petrossov. Before he worked at JetSmarter, he was a co-founder of two IT projects. One of them is a project to help website customer service, an online chat system. The second one is meant to help educational institutions with Russian speakers. Another occupation he had was working for a South-Florida-based private jet operator from South Florida in the position of a board advisor.

The Idea

Sergey Petrossov began flying private jets in 2009. Something that surprised him was the complexities of booking it was. Those feelings had inspired him to start up his company JetSmarter. The service is an app that allows customers worldwide to book their trips on a private jet. This company considers itself an UBER for Jets. So far, the company has paid members amounting to 14,000 they pay up to $15,000 yearly for perks like scheduling flights and sharing jet seats. Also, some famous faces are investors of the company, such as the Saudi royal family and rapper Jay-Z. Currently, this company has a value of 1.5 million dollars.

The App

The beta version of the app came out in August 2012. Select users were given this app earlier as proof of concept. The app still needed additional funding and collaboration with vendors and hunters in the hundreds. Sergey Petrossov officially launched the app to everyone in March of 2013. This app has skillful technology and advisory teams, which have helped many big companies like NASA and Microsoft. They all have brought the experience of over 100 years in technology, private air travel as well as logistics to everyone. This hard work got combined with Petrossov’s vision to make what JetSmarter is now.

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