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American Addiction Centers have played a role in encouraging parents who have students at college to collect data about drug abuse that is common in college campuses.

It has done research and there are about to release some vital statistics about the drug use and alcohol use among college students. The highest number of drug abuse exists among the college students.

The effects of drug abuse is that it is capable of interfering with the experience at the college and it can also results to certain levels of addition. One in three students have confirmed that they have been taking alcohol at some point in life and about one in five students have use also an illicit drug.

Substances abuse that exists in college is continuing to trend and it has no signs that it can end anytime soon. One of the survey that has been done shows that 62% of these college students drinks in a duration of one month.

Another research also shows that the college students’ uses amphetamine a lot and about 10 per cent of the college students have confirmed that they are misusing Adderall.

Missy Pollack who is an alumni coordinator at Recovery First Treatment Center that is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is in recovery state for about five years after being an addict.

During her time in campus, she was using alcohol together with other substances at the events like the college sports games. She has confirmed that these substances are available in campus.

She reports that she was introduce to Adderall when she was completing her first year studies. She also says that she was seated in the library studying for exams then a certain group of students gave her the drug and she did not resist it.

Her first experience with drugs made her have the feeling that she could do it again. Eventually she did it for many years. Her behavior changed as she could not control it. During her addiction period, she wished that someone could identify and encounter her. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities

Some of the signs and symptoms that she experienced include: a rapid appearance change, changes in the mood that cannot be explained, lack of sleep, being dishonest and feelings of fear that cannot be explained. She is encouraging the families and friends to watch out for this symptoms in their children.

Missy says that she could have been so happy by the fact that her addiction could have been realized at the right times because it could have eased her pain.

The American Addiction Centers is one of the leading provider that offers inpatient and also outpatient abuse treatment services. This center also treats those patients who have been struggling for addiction of drugs, addiction of alcohol and the mental and behavioral issues that occurs with substance abuse.

The current services that are available in all parts of United States and they provide treatment for the substance abuse. The major focus of these facilities is to deliver effective clinical care and also other treatment options.

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