Southridge Capital Management LLC, a Story of Success with Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital Management LLC operates as a private equity and investment advisory firm. The company works with small companies in private placement transactions. Southridge helps these companies with finances to implement their expansion plans, restructure their operations, or even finance a new business line. The company also partners, as an investor, with other companies that require to source outside capital for strategic acquisitions or mergers. The company is also involved in hedge fund management. Southridge Capital was established in 1996. It is headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It has operational offices in Los Angeles; California, Ontario; Canada and, New York.

Stephen Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Southridge Capital Management. He is wee-known for his excellent management expertise gained through years of experience in the financial investment 8ndustry. In Southridge, Stephen Hicks has a wide, robust portfolio of responsibilities. He is responsible for designing the strategic direction of the investment advisory firm. Hick is also responsible for the management of business development and implementation. Also, he is responsible for the daily operations of Murray and Lois Hicks Charitable Foundation and, The Daystar Foundation. The two organizations assist people in need, locally and internationally. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Mr. Hicks brings valuable expertise to Southridge Capital. Before he founded the company, he worked with Wertheim Schroeder, Trans-Pacific Capital, Sutherland Capital, Norton & Co and, Windsor IBC. His primary responsibilities included Volatility and Equity Derivative in the proprietary trading area. His duties varied from the structuring of transactions in Risk Arbitrage and, trading. He holds a B.S in Business Administration from King’s College, Briarcliff Manor, New York. He also has an MBA from New York City’s Fordham University. You can visit


In a recent interview, Stephen Hicks discloses that the idea for Southridge came while he was serving at a small New York hedge fund whose principal had decided to return to Australia. He run the firm for a whole year. The experience that Hicks attained during this period gave him the courage to start his hedge fund firm. The principal of NY company allowed him to start his own company-Southridge Capital Management LLC -as he continued working for him.


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