Steve Ritchie New Diversity Effort for Papa John’s

There has been a revolution in the Pizza chain causing for mandatory diversity training and also a new innovative campaign. This follows Steve Ritchie’s advertisement campaign on social media for the pizza brand.

The campaign ended up soliciting customers complaints on the brand. This forced Steve Ritchie to give the franchisees, employers, and customers to offer an in-depth analysis of the efforts to mitigate the issues touching on the sales trends.

Stevie Ritchie recently completed the unconscious bias training for the leadership team. The plans were to roll out the success program across the country. Moreover, underway plans included the independent cultural audit with the investigation into the diversity and inclusion practices.

Also included by Stevie Ritchie was a listening tour for feedback from the ground team and franchisees in Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. There is also the formulation of the advisory group with due consideration to equity, diversity and inclusion experts for aid with the brand.

There is also the strong personal commitment to the addition of diversity on the leadership team as displayed by Stevie Ritchie on the Papa John’s team. There is also the start of the two major long-term initiatives by the pizza chain. This includes the minority-owned expansion franchise and development program for Papa John. Secondly, it’s the development of the new foundation focusing on creating a positive impact in the direct community for the workers.

The pizza chain started two decades ago with the concept of bringing people together with pizza. The Papa John was a place of diversity for the different people with different backgrounds. It now boasts of over 100,000 franchise and corporate team.

The central priorities undertaken by incumbent CEO Stevie Ritchie includes equity, diversity, and inclusion. Stevie Ritchie also made it clear through his social media post that he was reclaiming the responsibilities with the customers, partners, and community.

There were plans according to Stevie Ritchie to form a new foundation with the main focus on supporting firms to eliminate the bias. Stevie Ritchie aims at working towards a new branding and marketing campaign strategy. This will focus on the value proposition while creating trust with the customers.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie:’s_Pizza

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