Teach To One makes learning Math a Happy Experience

Teach To One is a digital teaching system that tailors math education according to the unique needs of each individual student. The system is provided by New Classrooms- a non-profit organization founded by teachers Joel Rose and Chris Rush. They launched Teach To One Math in New York in 2011 and Chicago and Washington DC in 2012. Since then it has partnered with many school districts and schools across the US.

Teach To One program is a system that uses classroom specific data and algorithms to tailor math education according to the specific needs of each student. Third-party plans and 80 different learning products are used to create a customized curriculum for each teacher and student. Several factors are taken into account by Teach to One while creating a curriculum. Some of the factors are the testing requirement of the state, the study tendencies of students, the time of day, the circumstances and, the pace at which a student studies in a specific environment. The goal of the system is to help teachers and students succeed while teaching and learning math.

The Teach to One system has benefitted both students and teachers. Students benefit because the curriculum is tailored according to the skill and knowledge of the individual student. Data combined with algorithms system analyses the learning styles that suit the student best and helps them develop the skills required to succeed in studying math. Teachers are in a better position to plan their modes of teaching individual students. Lesson planning is easy. Teachers can track the progress of students and help students by discovering their weaknesses and strengths. The system offers many classroom resources to help teachers teach effectively. The progress tracking option for teachers and students helps students improve their skills and tells teachers whether the style of teaching adopted is helping the student achieve goals.

The Teach To One system has revolutionized learning and teaching math. The software has made learning and teaching math flexible and adaptive. This is why Bill Gates has called it the future of learning Math.


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