We’re United To End Political Overspending, End Citizens United Confirms

After the 2010 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on political groups overspending during an election, many groups are not happy with the court order. End Citizens United was formed not to oppose the court ruling or the federal government for that matter but to solve the recurring problem in an amicable manner. According to the group, when political parties or candidates are allowed to spend whatever amount of money they want on an election, many best candidates are locked out. This according to this group should not be given a chance in any democratic society.

End Citizens United was formed on March 1, 2015. Since its formation, it is the aim of the grout to lobby for funds to support their agenda. “This money does not come from a few wealthy individuals among us. We do not have such people with us. Instead, it is made up of small donations that come from the grassroots,” Richard Carbo said in August 2015. When Richard those words, three months had passed since the formation of the group. By then, the group had collected $2 million.

“This is just but a start. Our members have clearly shown that they are willing to donate. I do not doubt them even a bit. What they have done is a clear indication that we can even collect up to $30 million,” he summed up.

On the group’s website, it is clear that they not only say what they stand for but also want to live by what they say. The group encourages readers to form groups with the aim of creating awareness of End Citizens United. There is also the idea that the group out rightly supports pro-reform candidates who are willing to work with the group.

Over the years, End Citizens United has shown that is will not stop backing leaders who the group feels are pro-reformed. When Republicans, on the other hand, see this, they are bitter that End Citizens United is actually trying to impose leaders on the common people. Surprisingly, many Republicans, as well as some independent political candidates, agree that political spending that is unlimited comes in handy with many vices.

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